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The last recorded song by Louisville's hometown heroes BTGOG is an amazing 6 and half minute epic complete with dark piano and captivating poetry. The song is titled "The Art of Industry", and the lyrics are written as letter to the head of corporation from a 16 year old boy. It's no surprise why BTGOG toured with bands like At the Drive-in, AFI, Good Riddance and many others...the power and intesity displayed in their music cannot be matched by many of their contemporaries. This song is a must have for any fan. The Cause songs are wonderful as well...two songs to hold you over until the next record..."Blood Stained Convivial" is a more upbeat anthem that kids in San Diego know all to well, as you can see them sceaming, "...SILENCE WILL KILL US..." at every show. The second song, "Discussion of Termination" is a alternate side of THE CAUSE that embraces a more emotional metal aspect of the band...This 7" is a must have for any fan of either band, or for those just looking to be rocked! First 550 on White Vinyl.