Abolition, a young band drenched in the chuggy world of Trial, who've adopted the visceral rage of Chokehold and lyrical ire of 90's metalcore bands such as Culture on "No Remorse". 'Worn Thin", on the other hand, contains flashes of the quirky grooves of Atlas Shrugged, which I can only hope will materialize in the band's future material. Great stuff!

On the flipside, Hang The Bastard have clearly been dipping their toes into Integrity's back catalog. With a plethora of UK bands such as Rot In Hell and Wayfarer already abiding by the Clevo regime, HTB are a welcome addition for followers of the formula. That said, there are traces of Kickback's snarling vocals and discordant riffs in "Most Will Swim on a Lake of Fire" &"Cavernâ" is an equally menacing effort.

Imported from the UK

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