ABSOLUTION - Juxtaposition 7" DISTRIBUTED 7" vinyl

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Juxtaposition is a new EP from Absolution featuring the lineup of Djinji Brown (vocals), Gavin Van Vlack (guitar), Dan Cav (bass), and Andy Guida (drums) that finds the band slamming down some of their previous material in new and improved recording sessions.
Tracked in studios in NYC and Miami in 2011, Juxtaposition includes "As We Are" and "Risk," two tracks from Absolution's 1988 demo, and these new versions pack a lot of punch, especially in the guitar and vocal areas. "In Thought" was a live set favorite, that was never recorded. "Never Ending Game" is another old gem that originally appeared on the classic New Breed compilation from 1988. Like the other songs on Juxtaposition, "Never Ending Game" benefits from a muscular mix that puts an emphasis on Van Vlack's guitar and Brown's unique vocal stylings.
Track Listing:

1. As We Are
2. In Thought
3. Never Ending Game
4. Risk

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