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This split is the self released vinyl debut from two newer hardworking hardcore outfits. Smoke and Mirrors are from Erie, PA and play a solid heavy groove oriented hardcore full of sing alongs and memorable structures. The band features Lake Effect Hardcore veterans from Brother's Keeper, Problem Solver Revolver, and Shockwave but don't think that this new team is anything short of refreshing. The songs featured are their call to arms for Erie, PA "Gem City Trauma" & the self reflecting "Some People Have All the Luck". On the flip side; Heart Holds True is West Virginia's latest offering of pissed off yet eerily melodic hardcore. Featuring several members from Surprise Attack Records Holden Caulfield, Heart Holds True is here to continue on where their previous bands left off. Boasting 2 new unreleased songs from HHT "This Town Can't Hold Me" and "It Was Our Time" this split will leave you seeking after more from each band. Colored Vinyl: Yellow (only 160)