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This one was and odd one. Song of Kerman from Orlando, Florida were ex- Gray Before My Eyes. This was their second release after their Track Star Records EP. Picking up from where GBME left off they turned out a powerful tempo-changing emo hardcore tune followed by a "spoken word" poem over an band backing. Very moving. Both Gray Before My Eyes and Song Of Kerman both often addressed the issue of abuse toward women, and did so in an intelligent and passionate manor. Handful of Dust from Edison, NJ were an enigma. They had sent me a few demos, and I am someone who really admires persistence in a band. Several bands I worked with, and probably will continue to work with, send me unsolicited material. This band's demos were dramatically different, and when I received this recording, well... it was unexpected. I believe this is the only band I have worked with that used keyboards. Jamming hardcore metal with reverb, vocal distortions, very weird, but exceptionally well done. Someone told me they did a show once in all black with make-up and came across as very Ink & Dagger-ish. I would love to see the video of that. The covers for this release were printed very heavy in the red colors, ruining the Song Of Kerman art which was done by a band member.

Pressing Information

1000 on black vinyl. 100 on green vinyl.