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This is one of the more endearing 7" I've picked up in a while. 6 short and spazzy tracks of herky-jerky hardcore, kind of with a Nation of Ulysses influence, perhaps mixed with Antioch Arrow. And without the keyboards. Also similar to stuff like the 1985, this Robot Kills and Harriet the Spy. Yo!

The vocals are just out of it. High pitched, gasping for breathe, crazed. "Comic #40" is really fast and freaky. The singer makes all childish noises like "aaah, wheee! oooh" on one song. And they have titles like: "What to do with no more planes" and "The Greatest Dream Ever". The insert has little cartoons about each song that totally crack me up. And cool song explanations: "this song is abou that feeling you might have when you come home and there's a brand new refridgerator in place of the old broken smelly one that was there this morning when you left for work; and also, it's already plugged in and real cold inside".

This came with a totally bizarre booklet entitled "The truth about the chowder" which was highly amusing. I particularly liked the picture of the tube chicken. Released by Heliotrope Records.