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SLUMLORDS - Drunk At The Youth Of Today Reunion 7"

Slumlords from played a brand of classic 1980's New York style hardcore laced with a lot of Punk/Oi, and fun thrown deep into the mix. Whether you're into straight forward Hardcore, Classis Punk/Oi, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, or whatever, Slumlords pension for fun and diversity will surely deliver.

Continuing where the last album left off, "Drunk At The Youth Of Today Reunion" 7" delivers punk-rock hardcore with a heavy dose of both fun and humor while tackling serious issues too. Having entertained crowds up and down the East Coast and Puerto Rico, Slumlords are commited to bringing back hardcore the way they want it.

1. Slumber Party At Jacko's
2. Drunk At The YOT Reunion
3. City That Bleeds
4. We've Been Had