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This split features two relatively unknown bands from New York. Not surprisingly both of them play metalcore of varying degrees.Dead Channels do a load of Quicksand/Snapcase/post-hardcore worship. Really punishing, yet technical instrumentation matched alongside scream-y vocals. If you told me their side came out on Revelation in 1993 I would have literally no reason not to believe you.

Zeddmore draw a little more from the ‘80s but still employ the mosh breakdowns that led hardcore to floor-punching-windmill-kicking prominence in the ‘90s. Blast beat-ish drums paired with mildly erratic guitars. I dig it. If anything is going to make them stand apart from similar sounding stuff, it’s going to be the singer. He effectively conveys a range of emotion rather than skating by on typical tough guy grunting. Imagine Ian MacKaye fronting Disembodied.

Zeddmore gets the brunt of the split with three songs to Dead Channel’s two; although if you added up the running time they’re probably fairly equal. Metalcore is still alive and… ah, let’s just say it’s still alive. – Tight To The Nail

Track List

1. Dead Channels – Fake Gods
2. Dead Channels – Still Ill
3. Zeddmore – Critter Bite
4. Zeddmore – Open Teeth
5. Zeddmore – Plan B