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The first new material for over 2 years from the hugely popular New York hardcore band SSSP! SSSP (Skinheads Still Scare People) is a 5 year old project formed by NYHC veterans Mike Delorenzo (Sheer terror, Kill Your Idols, Celebrity Murders) and Vinnie Value (Kill Your Idols, Warzone, No Redeeming Social Value, Kickstarts). SSSP are true diehards of the scene and are thrashing out fast and heavy, Oi! influenced hardcore gems! With Mike taking on all guitar duties and Vinnie adding vocals and pounding the skins, they show a true passion and integrity for an ever changing hardcore scene. No Resistance follow up their debut album "Gentlemen Prefer Bombs" with 2 tracks of their old school, melodic punk/Oi! sound. They're a 3 piece punk band from Houston, Texas whose roots lie in 70's and the early 80's Oi! and the punk rock sound they grew up with. Their recipe for success? Well, grab yourself some early Bad Brains and The Misfits, blend it with some Buzzcocks, a little Johnny Thunders and then season with some 4 Skins, The Kinks, and Ramones! Creative, melodic, jump-up-and-down fun punk rock!