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THE IMPOSTERS - Pool Maintenance 7"

One of the best hardcore albums of the 2000's. Great cover, i like the SOA shirt. 1000 pressed of this beast, 30 with a full color picture (not available here).
The Imposters from Hermosa Beach. The 7" mostly falls into the skate-punk genre but also includes a track that sounds like it could have been influnced by The Screamers or Catholic Discipline. And the cover of Dick Dale's "The Wedge" is pretty much note-for-note. Maybe a little faster and more raw. It could easily be passed off as an unreleased Agent Orange studio recording from the Posh Boy sessions.
Overall, Pool Maitenance reminds me of the sole EP put out by Denver's White Trash in 1983 mixed with Agent Orange's Bitchin' Summer EP from 1981. These two influences make this record a great contribution to the soundtrack of the summer of 2008.
Definately worth picking up if you're into bands like The Faction, JFA.
(Secret Records)