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DAMAGE DONE - City of Hope 7"

Finally available on vinyl, this is the final EP from The Damage Done, originally released on CD format in September 2003. Starting in the spring of 2001, The Damage Done started out in the small college town of San Luis Obispo, CA as a group of friends looking to start a band that actually had something to say. Two and a half years and four records later, The Damage Done called it quits on October 4th, 2003; but not before releasing "City Of Hope", by far their best release to date. In a day and age when hardcore punk is becoming increasingly accessible and watered down, The Damage Done have always excelled in providing thought provoking lyrics laid over driving, emotional riffs, proving that straight edge hardcore can still be a threat. This record is no exception. The band wanted their final recording to convey one final message cheaply and efficiently, asking that it be quick and to the point, with no gimmicks or frills. The result is this five song 7".