CABAL - Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch... 7" DISTRIBUTED 7" vinyl



This was a curve ball release for most people. This was a posthumous release of a late 1980s / early 1990s Boston area punk band. I saw Cabal play at my first "punk" date at a Flag of Democracy show at the Primal Plunge in Allston, MA. I also saw them at the first Boston Fugazi show in the Harvard Square church (booked by members of Cabal). I just loved them. They released a split LP with Angry Kids while they were around. One of the band members, Rusty Nails, also ran a punk label called Wasted Effort Records. I wanted to resurrect that label and tracked Rusty down in Chicago. I was in Wisconsin at the time and we worked out a deal to release some old Cabal recordings. Resurrecting Wasted Effort didn't work out. I really wasn't in the financial position, and I think the label and Wasted Effort name was a very personal thing to Rusty (I can understand that!). But Cabal had one more release. A great political punk band made up of members that did a lot for the Boston scene that was better known for Slapshot and their ilk during this time period.

Pressing Information

500 on red vinyl.