BLACK AMERICA - We’re Like Trash Talk, But Good 7" DISTRIBUTED 7" vinyl


Gang Green style instigator punk from the suburbs of SF. Kinda rugged looking cover art, but the tunes are pretty bad ass.Scathing title for a pretty decent record. This is some goofy Skate Rock that mostly has a JFA/early Suicidal feel to it, but every once in a while they get a little more diverse and add some parts that sound more like the Big Boys or even The Cramps. No lyric sheet included so I’m not sure exactly what they’re going on about, but with titles like "Cock Block," "Yuppie Youth," and "Girls Are Better Than Boys" your guess is as good as mine. "#1 Bad Dude" is the real stand out track. "Sniffi Vikki" has an unexpected ska part. Pretty good, not much like Trash Talk at all.