MALIK(s) - We've lost many. We'll lose more CD DOSE: 48


Malik(s) has a long and storied career in the underground/independent music scene. Originally focusing his talents towards the hardcore punk scene of the late 80s/mid 90s, playing guitar in several NYHC bands.
After relocating to California in the late 90s and finding himself band less, Malik(s) immersed himself into making beats utilizing an MPC 2000, his guitar and old records as his instruments of choice.
His unique blend of samples, field recordings, electronic and acoustic instruments proved to catch an ear and led to the release of his dusty experimental instrumental music via underground hip hop label Mondrian Sound.
With his appearances on the V/A compilation CD - Angels & Insects, as well as a split CD with former band mate T-1 entitled "Atlantis Sessions & The Deadly Art Of All Day Brainstorming"...Malik(s) gained attention with his dusted style.
With the release of "We've Lost Many. We'll Lost More", Malik(s) continues to explore his distinctive style of instrumental electronic music, that crossbreeds with many genres.
FFO: DJ Shadow | Massive Attack | Portishead | Tortoise

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