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DISSOLVE - Caveman of the Future CD DOSE: 11

"Caveman of the Future" is the long awaited full length from Poughkeepsie, NY's Dissolve. Originally scheduled to be released in 2001 on the now defunct M.I.A. Records(one time home for Indecision, Darkest Hour, Candiria and Disassociate), the 13 tracks on this album twist and turn through Dissolve's signature brand of chaotic metalcore. They started playing back in 1992 in their home of upstate New York and became an integral part of the hardcore and metal scenes, playing shows with the likes of Hatebreed, All Out War, Candiria, Overcast, Shadows Fall, Neurosis, and Napalm Death and are still active through 2008. For fans of KISS IT GOODBYE, VOIVOD, MASTODON and TODAY IS THE DAY.


  1. The Ultimate Nullifier
  2. Graverobber
  3. Give Me One Reason (Why I Should Let You Live)
  4. Those Who Dwell Below
  5. Alter-Ego
  6. Shock Radio
  7. Flamethrower
  8. Prosthetica
  9. Weakling
  10. Subhuman
  11. Dreadnought
  12. Exterminatrix
  13. Day Of The Electronic Insects