SOUL BLIND - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 7" or CD DOSE : 42


Soul Blind’s sound brings to mind the heavy guitar rock of the 90’s, their sound is a dreamy fuzz-pedal trudge that exists somewhere on the continuum between grunge and shoegaze.
Bands like Failure, Hum, My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead and The Deftones can be heard in their sound. Those influences are all displayed on their new record entitled "Greatest Hits Vol. 1", which compiles all of their recorded material.
The 7" collects 4 songs from both of their cassette releases (5 songs total on the accompanying digital download), while the 11 song CD compiles all of their previously recorded material plus a newly recorded song "Stuck In A Loop".


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Pressing Information

20 test presses

FIRST PRESSING (610 copies)
1 Clear/Yellow Mix vinyl
4 Black/Yellow Haze vinyl
5 Tie Dye vinyl
25 White Vinyl (Friends Press)
28 Tan vinyl
106 Clear w/ Black/Violet Splatter Vinyl - MAILORDER ONLY (stamped and hand numbered dust sleeve)
116 Purple Haze Vinyl
121 Yellow Vinyl - (RevHQ exclusive)
204 White vinyl

SECOND PRESSING (402 copies)
1 Blue/Violet Mix vinyl (Stamped & Numbered dust sleeve)
3 Blue vinyl (Stamped & Numbered dust sleeve)
11 Black/Green Haze vinyl (Stamped & Numbered dust sleeve)
187 Green Vinyl
200 Violet Vinyl