JUKAI - Winter MMXVIII lathe cut 7" DOSE : 51


The final 2 songs recorded by Long Island, NY's JUKAI.
Originally released digitally in the Winter of 2018 as a precursor to a forthcoming LP.
Now available as a limited one time pressing lathe cut 7" that includes a digital download code.

Lathe cut records are made one-at-a-time, in real-time, by a real person. Lathe cut records are NOT pressed records and may have slightly more surface noise (due to static build up and dust) or an occasional light distortion in some frequencies, but they sound pretty nice given the circumstances. The volume will be a little lower than a modern “post-loudness-war” record, so turn it up to enjoy. The records should track well, even on cheaper turntables, but if you have problems, adjust your tonearm weight and your anti-skate settings. Lathe cut records will NOT degrade or harm your needle or cartridge.

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Pressing Information

1st PRESSING (114 copies)
4 Clear lathe cut vinyl (Special Cover/Insert)
20 Clear lathe cut vinyl (Reunion Show Stamp)
90 Clear lathe cut vinyl