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Most bands get their “15 minutes of fame.” Others don’t even get the chance because their albums don’t even last 15 minutes. The Post Office Gals are one of those bands that probably won’t get the full recognition they deserve. They aren’t metal enough for metal heads, they aren’t grind/thrash enough for purists, they ain’t dancey enough for the hipsters, aren’t hardcore enough for the crews- but throw all those together and you got one helluva band. It just may be too far off the radar for most, but it’s directly up my alley.

This five-piece electro-thrash outfit hails from the thrashiest of all places; New Jersey! Armed with long, non-sensible song titles, “krunktronic” keyboards, and blast beats galore, The Post Office Gals are prepared to shoot up your local mail service center and leave no one alive. Have they created a new grind revolution? No- but it is a refreshing breath of air from the recent surge of girl-pants wearing, whiney wusses.

There will be obvious comparisons to An Albatross, as An Albatross has kind of established a monopoly on the electro-grind scene, but I can tell the difference between them and The Post Office Gals. Although The Post Office Gals rely heavily on Jessica Del Rosario’s synthesizer, it’s not in a dance-inducing sort of way, as is true in An Albatross.

This is what happens when you throw 70’s prog-rock and grindcore in a blender and smash puree.

The Post Office Gals from New Jersey play a style of psychedelic-thrash not unlike what would happen if you combined Yes with Napalm Death, or Pink Floyd with Cannibal Corpse.