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25 TA LIFE - Live at Few Da Real CD

If any band has crafted an authentic and indelible presence in the evolution of the international hardcore scene, it is 25 Ta Life. Lead by charismatic front man Rick Ta Life, the band has defined the straight edge hardcore scene for nearly a decade, traveling the globe on a non-stop touring schedule, bringing a message of peace, unity, and strength through music that transcends language and national boundaries. Now, Back Ta Basics is offering a timeless document of the global travels of the band with this unique and rare recording of their 1999 Tour of Japan. Titled Live at Few Da Real, the album features the classic 25 Ta Life songs


  1. Wise To Da Game
  2. Strength Thru Unity
  3. Loose With Da Truth
  4. As One
  5. Crucified
  6. Keepin' It Real
  7. Where It Begins
  8. Loyal To Da Grave
  9. Took My Kindness For Weakness