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HUTCH - Jack London Hotel CD

One new drummer and four (plus some secret stuff) new songs later and Hutch come back with yet another little noticed yet critically acclaimed offering. William S. Baker from Jayhawker/Slowsidedown even provides some guest vocals on "Honduras", the unlisted secret track at the end of the CD.
They put on a great live show too, but most of you missed it.

"This is just incredible. I'll tag this as the next Jawbreaker. Wow, I'm speechless. Every track has its own distinct personality. I'd list my favorite tracks, but it would include almost all of them. A keeper. Do whatever it takes to get this!" -Rational Enquirer

"One thing that used to appeal to me about a lot of pop punk and melodic hardcore bands was the sincerity of emotions that they conveyed. As those genres became marketable, it seemed like bands started making up emotions for the sake of appearing "real". For a time I thought there might not have been any legitimately talented and intelligent melodic punk bands left who remained independent. I guess I forgot about Hutch. Musically, they hold their own against the likes of Jawbreaker and Rocket From The Crypt, and the lyrics don't seem contrived in the least, just honest and insightful. Thanks for being you, Hutch" -PFN Snipehunt