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DEFORMITY - Murder Within Sin CD

Rare U.S. pressing on Blasphemour Records !!!

H8000's most brutal - features members of Congress, Regression and some members went on to from Spoil Engine !

Review by GCDC :

First time I listened to this I wasnt really paying attention, and just thought it was another brutal death metal record, albeit a pretty good one. However, when I listened to it properly, its not really straight brutal death at all, though it will definitely appeal to anyone into that style. it has a sort of hardcore feel to it, but its hard to describe, they dont really play anything that is hardcore itself, there is just this sense that even though they are not actively trying to fit into the idea of a typical brutal death band, they have still produced a record which most closely falls into that genre, and so there are traces of other brutal styles there, like metalcore, deathcore, black metal, etc.

They've got a good range of speeds, slower sections, and manic blasting parts, and every riff is great. theres dual vocals used throughout, but the inlay says theres just one singer, so he must switch between his 2 styles, the expected brutal bellow, but also a more hardcore high scream, and sometimes they are layered together giving a great dual vocal sound. the sound is good too, cant fault it really, and its all played to a fine standard, never holding back except for one short track which is played on acoustic guitar.

If you like brutal music, this is worth checking out cos it is subtly different to the typical perception of that genre, not to mention being a very fine and enjoyable record in its own right. with repeated listens this has become a firm favorite! I think they would also slay live, though they are based in Belgium, so I guess I wont be seeing them any time soon!


1. Eyes (They Watch, Part II)
2. Bloodfields
3. Stained Red
4. Enter Within The Lust Divine
5. 33
6. Angelheart
7. The Dark Sun
8. Speak Out My Name
9. Misanthrope
10. Burn Down The Heavens
11. Night Scars