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A very limited release from two dead Seattle SXE bands. Neither of these bands sounded quite like what one might expect when hearing them described as Straight Edge Hardcore. Both bands pulled from influences outside of your SXE moshcore or melodic posi-core circles, perhaps coming in closer to what some would call "Screamo" these days. But these were Edge bands, let's not get that confused. 5 songs from The Entropy Project and 9 from Screwjack. The Entropy Project were a band made up of dudes from Staygold and Hardesty who called it quits in 2002. Screwjack was a band from 1996 (once known as LIT before the name had to be changed) made up of guys from State Route 522 and nineironspitfire with Dave Larson from Excursion on vocals. Limited to only 400 copies.