ALL IN - Nothing To Lose LP DISTRIBUTED 10"/12" vinyl


Birmingham, AL's All In carry the flag for southern hardcore with their debut full length, "Nothing To Lose." Their blending of fast traditional hardcore has brought comparisons to bands like Terror, No Innocent Victim and Figure Four, and has allowed them to tour alongside Figure Four, XLooking ForwardX and play 2006's Cornerstone Festival.


  1. All Intro
  2. Babar: The Bill Cosby Of Elephants
  3. The Ol' Doo Rag's A Skipper
  4. Richard's Crooshy
  5. Toy Stencil And The Ten Foot Tall Riffs
  6. The Bunk Price Is Right
  7. Sarcasm Killed The Rabies
  8. Four Score And A Broham Stitches Ago
  9. The Institutde Of Zoot Suit McGoot
  10. Scooter X Catmosh
  11. Ka Ka Kablow! The Triple Chicken Bite
  12. Duck Billsappapuss
  13. It Starts With One Sleeve Of Extraordinary Gentlesauce