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GENUINE - A Bond Still Strong LP

This is an all-star cast from the northwest hardcore scene. Awesome 1 sided vinyl containing 15 songs. Members from Trial, Left With Nothing, Burden, Undertow, and Botch just to name a few. Each song is quality hardcore. Aaron Edge did all the music and had his friends come in and do vocals to each song. Simply amazing. I've been rocking out to this the entire day. A definite must have if you're into any of those aforementioned bands. On Excursion Records.

1. Wash Out With The Tide (Aaron Edge)
2. Dry, Erase (Tory O'Donnell, Left With Nothing)
3. Shattered And Shine (John Pettibone, Undertow/Himsa)
4. Untitled (Dave Verellen, Botch/Narrows)
5. Regress (Shay of Langley)
6. One Up On You (Aaron Edge)
7. Stand Alone (Greg Bennick, Trial/Beneath Earth and Sky)
8. 24 (Jason Kolins, Burden)
9. Forced (Myron Mejia, Mourn the Sun)
10. Reduce Half Size (John Pettibone, Undertow/Himsa)
11. All That Is Not Yours (Aaron Edge)
12. Clock Out (Tory O'Donnell, Left With Nothing)
13. NWHC (Jason Kolins, Burden)
14. Grateful (Dave Larson, Screwjack, Excursion Records)
15. A Bond Still Strong (Aaron Edge)