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DIE YOUNG - The Message LP

DIE YOUNG from TX play raging. socially conscious metallic hardcore. This LP compiles their first two 7"s with bonus tracks. Comes with sceen-printed covers!

All copies include a booklet with liner notes, lyrics, photos, recording information and a complete list of shows the band had played to date.

This record compiles all of the band's recordings from their first two years of existence.


Alive With Madness / Drawn In Quarters / Message / Saved By A Precious Few / Anthem Of The Prodigal Son / Fool's Gold / Pains Of Indifference / Believe In Nothing / Parade Of Idiots / My Only Surrender / Renaissance / For The Pernicious Race / Begging For Blindness / Tortured Role

Pressing Information

Limited to 624 copies total: 309 on black vinyl, 215 on silver vinyl and 100 on gold vinyl. Each has a different color scheme for the cover. The pressing total was supposed to be 600, but there was some overrun.