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Comprised of former members of every prominent L.A. hardcore band in the last few years (including the band that brought back L.A., Carry On), Internal Affairs has spent every minute since their inception destroying both the USA and Europe with their blitzkrieg of fast and pummeling hardcore. In the span of time that most bands start to get ready for their first tour, Internal Affairs has released a demo, one 7" and two splits and finally come into their own with their debut self-titled LP. Sixteen songs screaming "true till death" one minute and "fuck you, I'm here to stay" the next showcase the loyalty and commitment Internal Affairs has towards both hardcore and straight edge.

1. You're Dead
2. Enough
3. Revenge
4. Pride
5. What Will I Say
6. Loyalty Not Royalty
7. Life's Blood
8. Failure
9. Time And Time Again
10. Imposter
11. See With My Eyes
12. Never Again
13. No More
14. No Heart
15. B.S.T.
16. My Mind