BULLDOZE - The Final Beatdown LP DISTRIBUTED 10"/12" vinyl


"The Final Beatdown" is the complete discography from the originators of "beatdown-style" hardcore. It contains their demo, 7" and both "New York's Hardest" compilation tracks and is 10 studio tracks in all, all completely remastered from the original pressing on Time Served Records. Now available on colored vinyl.

1. The Truth
2. Hypocrite
3. Herb
4. Suffering
5. Nothing But A Beatdown
6. Bulldoze
7. All I Have
8. Remember Who's Strong
9. Our Way
10. Respect Through Fear

NOTE: These are original copies from 2011 that were purchased by TRIP MACHINE LABS from the now defunct THE YEAR IS ONE RECORDS.
A good chunk of the pressing was sitting in a storage unit in Brooklyn, NY. Since a demand was noticed, we rescued them for a high price.
After the LP's were brought back to our HQ in Upstate NY, we noticed that 30 clear copies did not contain inserts. So 30 clear copies now have a special insert made just for them.

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Pressing Information

185 CLEAR VINYL (30 come with special insert and a stamped dust sleeve)