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ZEGOTA - Reclaim! LP

Zegota is an American anarchist hardcore punk and post-hardcore band originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, formed in 1997.

The first record from one of the most cutting-edge and innovative bands to thrash out on hardcore. Brilliant melodies, aggression, grooves and passionate lyrics high-five in this melting pot of influences.

1. Bend and Brace for the Unexpected (3:02)
2. The Bad Days Will End (3:01)
3. Never Trust A Cop (2:14)
4. Rue d'Bamako (3:59)
5. Struck by the Wild (5:12)
6. They Won't Fuck With Us Much Longer (11:22)
7. Kosi Idina (7:22)
8. Sleepwalkers (2:22)

This is the vinyl version of CD on Crimethinc.

Pressing Information

First Pressing of 1000.
300 on clear burgundy vinyl.
700 on black vinyl.