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COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION - Complete Discography LP

Toronto's COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION was a short lived super-group fronted by Chris Colohan (LEFT FOR DEAD / THE SWARM / CURSED) playing awesome overly-metallic hardcore (plenty of AT THE GATES style riffage) that is flawless in execution. The band was rounded out by members of ONE BLOOD, TEEN CRUD COMBO, RAMMER, LEGION DCLXVI BRUTAL KNIGHTS and ANTI-FLAG.

This collection compile's CTO's entire recorded ouput including the 'Death Rattle' cassette, 'Brain Surgery For Beginners' 7" and split ep with They Live. Comes packaged in a gatefold cover with tons of photos, flyers and liner notes.


Open Season On Hecklers III (Laso In Ireland) / Spray P.E.C. / To An End / Take It Apart / Poster Children
For Family Values / No Brainer / Up In Flames / The Way It Is / I'll Do Anything / More Dead Kennedys
(Single Bullshit Theory) / Poster Children For Family Values / Four Alarm Fire At Lockport Gambino Ford /
The Way It Is / Take It Apart / Spray P.E.C. / The Fest Sex I Never Had