WITH HONOR - s/t 7" DOSE: 15


The much anticipated vinyl re-release of their first EP that came out on CD on Stillborn Records and on wax from Teishu Records. If you don't know who they are by now, then crawl out from under that rock and buy this record. Passionate, sincere hardcore played by some of the best dudes around. For fans of BANE, SHAI HULUD and STRETCH ARMSTRONG.

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Pressing Information

1st PRESSING (125 copies)

13 Rust Mix Vinyl - Hand Numbered Dust Sleeve/Limited Cover
112 Mixed Berry Vinyl - Standard Teishu Records cover with Trip Machine address label covering Stillborn address

2nd PRESSING (302 copies)

18 Banana Vinyl - Hand Numbered/goldenrod cover/goldenrod insert
34 Grape Vinyl - Hand Numbered/goldenrod cover/white insert
50 Pink Vinyl - Stamped Dust Sleeve/white cover/white insert
99 Salmon Vinyl - Stamped Dust Sleeve/white cover/white insert
101 Red Vinyl - Stamped Dust Sleeve/white cover/white insert

3rd PRESSING (150 copies)

35 White Vinyl - Blue Cover
115 White Vinyl - Grey Cover

4th PRESSING (300 copies)

1 Transparent Green Vinyl
3 Green Marble Vinyl - numbered dust sleeve/prayer hands stamp
100 Lemon Gatorade Vinyl (stamped dust sleeve)
196 Pink Quartz Vinyl