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FOR ALL IT'S WORTH - Road Goes Ever On... CD

Finaly a full lengh from FAIW. This record really captures the energy and emotion that has made them so successful. Eleven songs of melodic old school hardcore that trancends its influences. Members went on to such bands as THE DISTANCE and THE LOWS.


  1. The Story Of An Uncommonly Gentle Man
  2. Willoughby
  3. Aren't There Any Phones In Colorado?
  4. Tidepool Requiem
  5. When You Wish Upon A Tee Shirt
  6. It's Not That I Loved Caesar Less...
  7. ...But That I Loved Rome More.
  8. Bloody Knuckles
  9. The Inevitabilty Of Acheron
  10. I Think This Dead Horse Is Gonna Need A Closed Casket...
  11. TxFxG