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PELLINORE - Memento Mori + Hell Mouth CD

New Jersey's Pellinore somehow manage to mix the new sounds of bands like Bracewar and Outbreak with classic ABC No Rio bands like Citizens Arrest, Born Against and Rorschach and even throw in the chaos of Siege and Void for good measure. This disc compiles both the "Memento Mori" 7" and previous "Hell Mouth" EP, making 11 songs total.


  1. Catastrophe
  2. Depraved
  3. The Monsoon
  4. Hawks And Doves
  5. The Scavenger's Daughter
  6. Disappear/Sink
  7. Drawbridge Chomper
  8. Fight Song
  9. Land Before Time
  10. Odds Or Evens
  11. Gnarwhal