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JOSHUA - Baggage 10"

How can anyone deny such a smooth, melodic, catchy sound? Joshua are back for one final release with five sweet and beautiful songs that will grip your emotions and take you on an adventure of heartbreaks and make ups. Following on from their previous releases on Doghouse and Immigrant Sun, Dan Coutant and Co. bring us a swansong that retains their trademark "emo" sound but also expands their musicianship and creativity. These songs maintain the aggressive, energetic, post punk feel that Joshua became famous for whilst touring with the likes of Get Up Kids and Burning Airlines. All five of these heartfelt songs are mellow and almost melancholic but will stick in your head for some time to come. A must have release for fans of this great band, on both CD and 10


  1. A Better Place
  2. Repitition Forever
  3. Perfect Man
  4. What Love Requires (acoustic)
  5. Make It Mine (acoustic)