AT ALL COST - Nothing Comes Easy LP DOSE : 50


The birth of At All Cost began in early 1987, when a group of high school friends discovered the NYHC scene in the sleepy NYC suburbs of Rockland County, NY.
With the release of their 1988 and 1990 demos, At All Cost played throughout the Northeast at such notable clubs as CBGB, The Anthrax and The Sundance opening for the Cro Mags, Token Entry, Maximum Penalty, Vision, Destruction, Sub Zero, Killing Time, Biohazard, Nausea, Morbid Angel and Biohazard.
After failed attempts at releasing a proper record the band called it quits, with members splintering off to form Dahlia Seed and Atlas Shrugged.
This LP collects both of At All Cost's demos remastered from the original recordings and a live cover of Attitude Adjustment's "Fuck Chuck" and showcases their NYHC sound which would appeal to fans of Killing Time, Token Entry, Absolution and Altercation.
As a bonus, the digital download includes their live session on WNYU's Crucial Chaos show.

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Pressing Information

15 test presses

FIRST PRESSING (300 copies)
1 Red/Berry Burst vinyl
50 Black vinyl
97 Red vinyl MAILORDER ONLY (stamped and hand numbered dust sleeve)
152 Purple/Grey Trash vinyl