RAIN OF SALVATION - In Times Of Desperation LP DOSE: 47


RAIN OF SALVATION are a straight edge hardcore band from Long Island, NY - Delaware - Connecticut.
Their new EP "In Times of Desperation", packaged alongside a newly remastered version of their "A War Outside and Within" EP on the B side of this US 12 inch pressing.
8 tracks of metallic straight edge anthems that'll have you reaching for the fattest permanent marker as fast as you can.
FFO: Foundation, Buried Alive, Turmoil, Hatebreed, Earth Crisis, Indecision and Strife

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Pressing Information

20 test presses

FIRST PRESSING (600 copies)
1 Black/Yellow Burst vinyl
1 Brown/Blue Burst vinyl
2 Clear vinyl
3 Transparent Blue vinyl
11 Yellow with Black Smoke vinyl (FRIENDS PRESS)
50 Purple/Brown Trash Vinyl w/ silk screened cover
50 Purple/Brown Trash Vinyl w/ standard cover (indie store/distro exclusive)
100 Blue/Black/White Splatter Vinyl - MAILORDER ONLY (stamped and hand numbered dust sleeve)
137 Yellow Vinyl - (RevHQ exclusive)
246 Clear with Black Haze Vinyl