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MINDFORCE - The Future Of...7" DOSE: 33

Former members of Pougkeepsie, NY's LIVING LASER build upon their previous sound of BAD BRAINS meets LEEWAY NY styled hardcore with the addition of crossover and thrash influences. 5 NY crossover anthems that showcase this band's ability to play at breakneck thrash speeds with quick guitar solos while retaining that classic NYHC groove. 7" includes a digital download.

RECOMMENDED FFO: Leeway, Cro Mags, Bad Brains, Metallica

Pressing Information

20 test presses

FIRST PRESSING (504 copies)

1 Blue/Black Burst vinyl
2 White/Puddy Burst vinyl
2 Toasted Marshmallow vinyl
4 Black Vinyl
16 White Vinyl (Friends & Family)
62 Purple Puddy Vinyl
109 Blue/White Splatter vinyl
308 Blue Marble vinyl (30 of which come with a record release show cover)

SECOND PRESSING (302 copies)

1 Black vinyl
3 Black/Clear Smoke vinyl
35 Clear vinyl with THIS IS HARDCORE 2018 cover. Black ink screened onto a chipboard 7" jacket.
263 Clear vinyl