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As the title suggests, this CD compiles all of the songs that Ruination has released over the first year that they have been together, with additional bonus live tracks. Comprised of Swarm, Los Crudos, Left For Dead, Bloodpact, and Charles Bronson members expect this to knock your shoes AND socks off.

1 to 8 originaly released as the diy ep, remixed and re-released by Youth Attack Records (Ruination), recorded at Cloud City Studio.
9 to 11 released on the Deadly Sins comp. box set by Hater of God Records, recorded at Cloud City Studio.
12 released on the Short, Fast + Loud! Vol. #1 comp. CD on Slap a Ham Records.
13 unreleased.
14 to 17 released as Split Seven Inch with They Live by Deadalive Records and Politically Corrupt Records.
18 to 21 released as Dead Horse EP on No Idea Records, recorded at Cyclone Sound.
22 to 39 recorded live in Philadelphia, 1.3.01.
40 unlisted, recorded at Cyclone Sound.

11 originally by The Freeze.

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