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PULLING TEETH - Martyr Immortal CD

Pulling Teeth are a brutal metallic hardcore/punk band from Baltimore, MD. Featuring former members of Slumlords, The Spark, Desperate Measures, and Never Enough, they play a furious style of metal influenced hardcore. "Martyr Immortal" is their newest metallic hardcore masterpiece - twelve songs that conjure the ghosts of classic bands Integrity and Left For Dead all while adding their own unique spin on the genre.

1. With Avarice
2. Dead Is Dead
3. Clipped Wings
4. Stonethrowers
5. Shiteaters
6. Sick And Tired
7. Rains
8. Basically Dead
9. Martyr Immortal
10. (Mori Vincent Omnes)
11. Black Skies
12. Ashes And Dust
13. Dismissed In Time (CD only bonus track)

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