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FIRE & ICE - Not Of This Earth LP

It's obvious this Richmond, VA, four-piece is more than prepared to release their first full-length, "Not Of This Earth." With two 7"s under their belt and a track on 2010's "America's Hardcore" compilation, the NYHC influenced Fire & Ice will continue to reel people in with their groove-oriented style and distinct sound. Since 2009, Fire & Ice has stayed strong; don't expect any less on their first release on Reaper Records. Vinyl version includes digital download.

1. Not Of This Earth
2. History Repeats
3. Helpless
4. Ultimate Power
5. The Devil's Side
6. Numb
7. About Face
8. Sky's The Limit
9. The Eye
10. Smash Your Crown
11. Fortuna
12. Waiting Game