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THE WAGE OF SIN - A Mistaken Belief in Forever CD

Let's face it, everyone is curious to hear what The Wage Of Sin sounds like. They're the "all girl" hardcore band. Everyone wants to see if they can hang with the boys or if they're just some novelty act. Anyone whose curiosity got the best of them has been
treated to some sonic pummeling, either live or on record. Back to prove they weren't a fluke with their 2001 debut, The Wage Of Sin released their sophomore CD, A Mistaken Belief In Forever. Fueled by her interest in assembling an all-girl band, The
Wage Of Sin was formed in the fall of 2000 by Rachel of hardcore stalwarts Indecision/Most Precious Blood. The Wage Of Sin has faced much criticism due to their gender, but they've managed to write songs that combine elements of hardcore,metal, and punk that clearly holds its own against their more testosterone-heavy
counterparts. They've shared the stage with such hardcore and metal luminaries as Converge, Sick Of It All, Poison The Well and Shai Hulud and they've never once come across as the "weaker sex." It's tough enough to stick out in such a crowded
scene and even more intimidating if you're always being further scrutinized because you're female. The Wage Of Sin responded to all this pressure by making sure that everything from the drums and guitars to the group backup vocals were done by women on their debut record. The Product Of Deceit And Loneliness was the #1 most added record when it debuted on CMJ's Loud Rock charts and charted as high as #9. It's been released on cassette in Asia and Eastern Europe. They've rocked audiences on both coasts and pretty much every hardcore festival. Their music video
for "Severed" has received heavy airplay on MTV2's Head Banger's Ball. They've proven to themselves as well as the rest of the world that they're no joke. With their latest record The Wage Of Sin has decided that they've had enough of living up to
other people's expectations and found a new sense of freedom. That freedom has let them produce a record that shows much more than only a years growth. They've gotten past the idea that they're all female even if most other people haven't yet.
They've proven that they're more than a novelty act, and that they're here to stay and are going to kick some ass while they're at it.

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