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CASKET ARCHITECTS - Dance On The Death Nerve CD

Casket Architects introduce themselves with the unruly and fiery , "Dance on the Death Nerve". CA plow through these twelve tracks of sonic mayhem, blasting in a frenzy in and out of Mistfits-esque witticisms, and impenetrable sludge rock much akin to the Melvins. Music for insomniacs and cemetery dwellers. FOR FANS OF AN ALBATROSS & THE LOCUST.


  1. Turbine Vaccine
  2. Casket Architecture
  3. Organ Donor
  4. Chamber Melody
  5. Deftwitch
  6. Dance On The Death Nerve
  7. Behold The Armatron
  8. Observer
  9. Solar Surgeon
  10. Time Is The Avenger
  11. Scorpios Catheter
  12. Rehold...the Outro